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Welcome to the Forestry Commons.

Since 1997 the Forestry Commons has offered study resources for foresters preparing to write their professional exam. I have always been very proud of the service provided, so it is with sadness that I say the Forestry Commons will cease to exist Feburary 28, 2014. The College is currently loading exam study materials to the CAPF website; once complete this will become your source for study materials.

Currently within the Forestry Commons there are many broken web links due to the reorganization of the ESRD website. These links will not be fixed as the College’s resources will be in place prior to the College study session.

Thank you to everyone who has visited the Forestry Commons; it has been a pleasure being involved in this project. Thanks to all the great professionals who have contributed time, advice, and resources - I enjoyed working with you all!!

Good luck with your studies!!


Michael Splinter, RPF388